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SupAnchor is the No. 1 manufacturer and exporter of self drilling anchor systems in Asia.

Since 1994, our mission has been focused on manufacturing and the developing of superior quality products which are specialized in anchoring purpose. Our products include SupAnchor® Steel Self Drilling Anchor Systems, SupFRP® Fiber Glass Rock Bolts, SupHulk® Swell Friction Rock Bolts.

Owning wholly two production premises in Eastern and Western of China, 45,000m² of land, totally 3,000,000 meters of production capacity, 30 years of manufacturing and 26 years of exporting experiences, SupAnchor has been serving for customers from 70 countries and products are widely used by over 1500 projects around the world. Professionalism, Innovation and Cooperation form the spirit of SupAnchor and lead us to keep moving forward. The core values of SupAnchor consist of Staff, Ultimate quality control, Products, Experience, and Reliable capacity, which guide our commitment for customers’ values, more competitive price, more options, safety and reduced delivery time.


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No.1 Exporting of SDA bars in Asia.

39,000,000 meters of safe application.

30 years of manufacturing.

26 years of exporting.

Safety, from safe manufacturer.





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SupAnchor Self-Drilling Anchor System

SupAnchor® Self Drilling Hollow Anchor is a unique anchoring system and is today's answer to the increasing demands of the tunneling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production. The system provides advantages for all areas of its applications, where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling with casing systems in unconsolidated or cohesive soil.

SupFRP GFRP Rock Bolt System

Due to its cuttability SupFRP® Self Drilling Rock Bolt is an economical alternative and also offers enormous advantages for modern rapid heating methods in tunneling. Furthermore the cuttability protects the machinery and avoids obstructions while drifting or enlarging tunnels.

SupHulk Friction Rock Bolt System

The Premium line is a typical tunneling bolt, with a high yield load and good deformability. PM rock bolts can also be used in mining when low to medium stress conditions require a stiff SupHulk® rock bolt with a high yield load.

SupShell Expansion Rock Bolt System

The SupAnchor expansion shell hollow anchors is a steel bolt for strata control that provides quick assembly and secure installation due to its expansion shell that provides immediate anchorage and generates superior grip upon application.

SupPump SDA Grout Pump

The SupAnchor SDA grout pump is a proven high quality pump which is used successfully around the world in tunnel construction, civil engineering, mining and shoring of building excavations, slopes and hill sides.


SupiM Project. One Idea One Career. SupiM is one of SupAnchor’s Star Projects, which is aimed at to find more excellent talents and to help them deep into the production research, to market and to achieve the excellent talents’ high-tech venture.

R32N Self-drilling Bars for Hydropower Station Slope Stabilization Project
2022-10-18 view >
SupAnchor SDA Bars In the Application of La-Lin Highway of Tibet
2022-10-18 view >
Self Drilling Hollow Bar reliable application in WenMa Expressway
2022-10-18 view >
SupAnchor Self Drilling Hollow Bar overcame “obstacle” of Macedonia KO highway
2022-10-18 view >
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The Football World Cup held every four years is in full swing in Qatar, a beautiful Gulf country. Meanwhile SupFRP's GFRP ReBar, GFRP Rock bolt, soft eye and other products with their corrosion resistance and high strength
SupAnchor Celebrates International Women's Day with Employee Recognition

Dujiangyan, China – March 8, 2024 – SupAnchor, a leading provider of self drilling anchor systems, today announced that it celebrated International Women's Day on March 8, 2024, by recognizing the contributions of its female employees.

Release date: 2024-03-08
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SupAnchor Launches All-New Internal Management System (iQA)

SupAnchor has recently introduced a brand-new Internal Management System (iQA), meticulously crafted by our skilled technical team and professionals

Release date: 2023-07-31
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No. 1 supplier for self drilling anchor bar in Iran
Invited by the Exclusive Agent in Iran “Ms. Armin Tejarat Pouya Engineering Company”, SupAnchor attended the Confair jointedly with Armin Tejarat in the middle of August.
Release date: 2022-10-19
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SupAnchor Quality Management Upgrading Project (QMUP)
“Ultimate quality control” is always commitment of SupAnchor. Responding to this commitment, SupAnchor Quality Management Upgrading Project (QMUP) was initiated since October 2015.
Release date: 2022-10-19
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42,500m2 -the biggest production bases of self drilling anchor system in Asia fully owned by SupAnchor. Western plant: established in 1994, total land , 1 hour from Chengdu International Airport.

Eastern plant: established in 2009, total land, 1.5 hours from Shanghai Port.

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Tongzhou Bay, Binhai New Village, Sanyu District, Nantong City, Jiangsu 226300, China
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