SupiM Project

The first round of solicitation of SupiM Innovative Cooperation Project is underway, don’t hesitate to join us.
SupiM Project

One Idea One Career

The first round of solicitation of SupiM Innovative Cooperation Project is underway, don’t hesitate to join us.

SupAnchor is the No. 1 self-drilling anchor system manufacturer and exporter in Asia.

Since 1994, our mission has been focused on manufacturing and developing superior quality products specialized in anchoring purpose. Our products include SupAnchor® Steel Self Drilling Anchor Systems, SupFRP® Fiber Glass Rock Bolts and SupHulk® Swell Friction Rock Bolts. 

Owning wholly two production premises in Eastern and Western of China, 45,000m² of land, yearly 3,000,000 meters of production capacity, 30 years of manufacturing and 26 years of exporting experiences, SupAnchor has been serving for customers from 70 countries and products are widely used by over 1,500 projects around the world.

Professionalism, Innovation and Cooperation form the spirit of SupAnchor and lead us to keep moving forward.

SupAnchor is dedicated to supply ‘the lowest price, the better quality, the more choices, the more safe application and the shorter lead time’, which is SupAnchor’s core value.

SupiM is one of SupAnchor’s Star Projects, which is aimed at to find more excellent talents and to help them deep into the production research, to market and to achieve the excellent talents’ high-tech venture.


Idea Products Submit Way

Existing products structural design and improvement

Existing products raw materials improvement

Brand new products design

Anchoring Materials
Anchor bar
Anchoring agent

Test description + pics

Test description + dwgs

Mechanical Equipment
Equipment parts
Equipment structure
Brand new equipment
Drilling Tools
Drill bar
Drill bit
Cross over coupler


Submission Time
From now to long term

Cooperation Way

Type: Scheme + Project implementation.
You may provide ideas, solutions or product designs, we will carry out production and processing, global publicity and global sales, and you will receive a long-term share of sales profits.
For this type of cooperation, we will provide corresponding contracts or legal documents to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.

What Can SupiM Do for You?

SupAnchor Support
Product Landing
Special equipment research and manufacture Machining process design Heat treatment design Casting or forging module design and manufacture Carbon, basalt and glass fiber reinforced polymer process design Supply chain building
Product Promotion
30 countries distributor globally Own websites + Google + Bing Facebook
Industrial exhibitions Industrial associations


Send your works to the project team email:

Please note the following format requirements:
Title: Name + Category + Program name + Sign up for SupiM
Text: Please use pictures or videos to express your optimization ideas for the specified category of products.
Attachment: You may also directly attach the document into the email for sending.

We will reply to you within 7 business days after receiving your email.
(SupiM team reserves the rights to the final interpretation)

SupiM Team
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