Reliable Capacity

Reliability Safety – by continuous product and process development.
Reliable Capacity
Reliability Safety – by continuous product and process development.
I Production Capacity

42,500 m2 - the biggest production bases of self drilling anchor systems in Asia fully owned by SupAnchor.

Western plant: established in 1994, total land , 1 hour from Chengdu International Airport

Eastern plant: established in 2009, total land, 1.5 hours from Shanghai Port.

SupAnchor’s Annual Output:
SDA hollow bars:
3,000,000 meters/ year
GFRP rock bolts:
1,000,000 meters/ year
Casting workshop:
300 tons/ year
Forging workshop:
1000 tons/ year
1,800,000 pcs/ year
Hot treatment:
1,000 tons/ year
Swell rock bolts:
600,000 meters/ year
Steel tubes:
10,000 tons/ year
I Financial Capacity
Financial Strength

Financial Strength

Stock abundance

Scale production duplicability

Capital structure optimality

Asset velocity

All the factors above have laid a strong foundation for SupAnchor’s premium financial capability.

Capital Obtainability
SupAnchor maintains a premium relationship with many financial facilities, etc. High credit obtainability offers us powerful guarantee for sustainable development.

SupAnchor has been awarded AAA certificate for 12 years since 2022.

I Relationship With Suppliers

Only reliable and excellent suppliers can be our choice and achieve a strategic partner relationship. It is SupAnchor management’s belief that only qualified raw material can possibly produce perfect products.We choose only to cooperate with reliable suppliers and reach a strategic partnership with them.


A favorable communication and information-sharing system has been developed through long term cooperation which gives us advantage to be sensitive to every change of raw materials in the market and make immediate responding to cost and delivery time accordingly. A powerful risk-resistance ability is therefore formed.

An information sharing system has been developed between suppliers and SupAnchor, which enables SupAnchor to get the first information on raw material updates and dynamics in time, guarantees time and continuity that raw materials arrive in SupAnchor.

SupAnchor has set up a good reputation within our supplier chain through long-term cooperation.
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