Why Us

No. 1 Exporter of SDA bars in Asia. 39,000,000 meters of safe application. Safety,form safe manufacturer. 30 years of manufacturing. 26 years of export.
Quality & Stability
Safe anchoring application of 39,000,000 meters of SupAnchor ® SDA and SupFRP ® GFRP rock bolts globally.

Safety, from safe manufacturer. SupAnchor has its own quality tracking systems. Every batch of anchor bar has its unique batch number, which can be tracked from raw materials till installation.

Being the No.1 exporter of SDA bars in Asia, quality control has been always SupAnchor’s top priority. Our quality testing equipment number ranks first on the list in anchor

manufacturing industry in Asia. It is SupAnchor’s mission to support your construction with products of high quality.

EOQC is SupAnchor’s philosophy – every operator should be QC. Based on EOQC, we have a professional QC team which is combined by 8 QC Specialists and should complete quality inspection job on fixed location at fixed time according to the QC testing procedure.

Quality Inspection Rate:

Mechanical strength test ratio    ≥ 3%

Dimensions test ratio    = 100%

Surface inspection ratio    = 100%

SDA hollow bars:3,000,000 meters/year
GFRP rock bolts:1,000,000 meters/year
Machining workshop:2,800,000 pcs/year
Production Capacity

42,500m2 - the biggest production bases of self drilling anchor systems in Asia fully owned by SupAnchor.

QC Procedure

We have quality tracking systems. everything can be tracked from raw materials till installation.

Financial Capacity

SupAnchor maintains a premium relationship with many financial facilities, such as BOC, COC, ICBC, HSBC HK, etc.

Relationship With Suppliers

SupAnchor management’s belief that only qualified raw material can possibly produce perfect products.

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