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SupAnchor® exports self drilling anchor system, self drilling anchor bar, self drilling anchor bolt, self drilling hollow bar - quality self drilling anchor system in China.
SupShell Expansion Rock Bolt System

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The SupAnchor expansion shell hollow anchors is a steel bolt for strata control that provides quick assembly and secure installation due to its expansion shell that provides immediate anchorage and generates superior grip upon application. SupAnchor expansion shell hollow anchors is designed within the highest quality for this type of bolt according to EN 10083 standard and performs accordingly.

The injection system allows for a quick and easy grouting operation, where grout enters through the center hole of the bolt from the bottom and covers it completely. A plastic sealing element is used to seal the drill hole and prevent leakage of grout or resin, ensuring a complete filled hole.

• Improved advance cycles.
• Easy and fast installation.
• Immediate anchorage.
• Suitable for pre-grouting or post grouting.
• Improved fortification cycles.
• Improved savings in time and workmanship.
• Provide both mechanical and chemical anchorage.
• Galvanized option under ISO 1461 Standard for corrosion protection.

Expansion Shell R25 R28 R32 R32 R32
Specification R25/EX40 R28/EX44 R32/EX44 R32/EX46 R32/EX48
Outside Diameter (mm) 36 40 44 46 48
Drilling Hole Diameter (mm) Φ40-Φ42 Φ44-Φ46 Φ48-Φ50 Φ50-Φ52 Φ52-Φ54
Length (mm) 132 139 136 176 165
Weight (kg/m) 0.62 0.84 0.82 1.2 1.45
Thread Type ISO 10208 / R25, R28, R32
Type of Steel CK45
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