Self Drilling Hollow Bar reliable application in WenMa Expressway

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Self Drilling Hollow Bar reliable application in WenMa Expressway Project

Wen Ma Highway (from Wen Chuan to Ma Er Kang), as an important passage for economy and life from mainland China to Tibet, the project is 174 km long, crossing mountains and rivers, bridges and tunnels are occupied 85% of the whole project, and the tunnel and slope reinforcement job is very complicated due to difficult stratum. 

We put a large quantity of Self Drilling Hollow Bar R32N/18.5–4m in WenMa expressway construction. Our products have helped the contractor efficiently solve the anchoring problem when drilling into the loose rock and soil.Our reliable quality and supply provided much reliability and safety for the project.

SupAnchor Celebrates International Women's Day with Employee Recognition

Dujiangyan, China – March 8, 2024 – SupAnchor, a leading provider of self drilling anchor systems, today announced that it celebrated International Women's Day on March 8, 2024, by recognizing the contributions of its female employees.

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No. 1 supplier for self drilling anchor bar in Iran

Invited by the Exclusive Agent in Iran “Ms. Armin Tejarat Pouya Engineering Company”, SupAnchor attended the Confair jointedly with Armin Tejarat in the middle of August.
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